Date: 22nd January 2009 at 7:12pm
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Damn! I do hope they`ve got it so wrong!

Vital Hull are tonight reporting that Hull City have agreed a fee with Fulham for the transfer of Jimmy Bullard.

The Premier League new boys appear to have shown their ambition by sneaking in on the blind-side, offering something close to £5 million, for the effervescent Bullard.

According to Vital Hull, all that needs to be sorted now are personal terms!

Please let it be a case of crossed wires!

Hull! Bl**dy Hull!

Jimmy, if you do have to go you can do so much better!


22 Replies to “Fulham – Bullard on Verge of Hull Move?”

  • I dreaded this day!! I’m really not lookin forward to findin out the affect on the team…you’re bit gunna find a funnier churpier footballer anywhere. An educated guess would be that evry member of our club likes this guy (except roy) and if the players miss him enough…i think there is a possiblity it could effect our performances. Unlikely…but possible

  • FULHAM TILL I DIE, and if Jimmy leaves he really doesnt care about us fans who put all the money into his rehab each week!

    Loyalty doesnt come into it because he wasnt offered a contract which he claims he would have signed i just dont want to be bulls£$% by those at the top and just release the truth!

  • Just got a text from a friend in Manchester saying that Michael Johnson is on his way to Fulham, hasnt been to training all week apparently , he injury prone but so’s Jim and atleast hes got age over Jim. But he will never be as charasmatic as bull!

  • Thing is Jimmy brings more to the team than just being a footballer. One example has to be Patrick Viera now im not saying for one minute jim is like patrick but when he left Arsenal Thierry Wiltord and the rest all packed up and said sod it! They train together so often they are make no mistake there best mates and it hurts when you loose em! I think this is going to have a massive effect. I would prefer get johnson keep bullard and bench murphy but that aint going to happen.

  • You’ve been in the league 4 all of 6 months, had a great first couple starting to fade. Not one player sticks out as being of fantastic quality – especially not Giovanni as hes proved what he always proves he fades! Like at Barca Benfica and City and now Hull. Dont get me wrong but i cant see Hull being in the league aslong as what we have managed.

  • Hello fellas Pompey fan here ! What The F… is going on .. Why is your best player going to go to Hull .. Hull I’m so gobsmacked it’s untrue ,.. Surely if Fulham wouldn’t give him what he wants contract wise (which I think is a big mistake anyway) then I would have expected a move to maybe Villa, Everton, Man City, etc.. maybe even Pompey at a push .. but Hull what’s gonna happen next year when they get ‘second season syndrome’ .. If Jimmy Bullard goes to Hull then he’s a nutcase and so are the managers of the clubs I’ve mentioned for not realising that they could have snapped him up… But we should also give Phil Brown and award for his awareness of the situation and doing a cracking bit of business.. Whilst all other were sleeping he’s crept in ..

  • This had better not be bloody true… firstly if he does go I’d be disappointed in him, the majority of his fulham career has been spent with us nursing him back from a potentially career ending injury. I expected him to stay until the summer and then either go or sign a new contract. Secondly I don’t want to say anything that sounds like I’m knocking Hull because they’ve surprised a lot of people and done well. But Bullard, if he leaves, surely would go to a bigger club? Hull aren’t a bigger club than Fulham? I expected a move to somewhere like Spurs where Redknapp is desparate for premiership quality players in his squad, bizarre, simply bizarre if its true. Thirdly, the transfer window is close to ending, we would need to replace Bullard, he is our most creative player, Gera hasn’t worked out the way we would have liked. We ain’t safe in this league this season and if we sell our best players in Jan (just like Saha) the team could potentially freefall down the league

  • I phoned my German friend Porge, with whom I’ve seen the odd home match (he’s a regular…..I’m from the other side in Fulham!)….and he was not too surprised. He reckons Bullard has lost a lot since his injury, and apart from one cracking goal early on has been a shadow of himself. He tells me Murphy has more than replaced him in his role.

  • 1 Bullard loves his fishing, 2.Murphy is a passenger in a decent team, too slow and Bullard is far more active than him. Im more worried about those teams who will come in for him now they know how cheap they can get him!

  • it seems to me that we should have gotten more for jimmy… i can’t even pick a player out that would fall into the 5 mil region that could replace him sctrictly in terms of on the field performance… i certainly hope roy has a plan to deal with this loss, because we looked terrible at west ham… it didn’t help that we gave them 3 goals, but we didn’t create anything either. konch pulled that goal out of his butt. hopefully hull have as much trouble as we’ve had coming to terms with a contract with jimmy, but i seriously doubt that’s going to happen. 5 mil! really?

  • ps. in terms of not the club not wanting to pay him more money to extend the contract, what fan doesn’t love him? i would have had a bullard jersey by now if i wasn’t waiting to hop the pond, take in a match and pick up a replica at the stadium shop… wouldn’t the investment of keeping him at the club pay for itself in terms of quality of play and merchandise sold? roy, you better have something good planned. we’re only 5 points out of the relegation zone.

  • That sounds really strange. First, 5m, would Bullard not fetch more? Second, why selling your most influential player this season to Hull. Thirdly; leaving London for Hull…I came to your page to see if the rumour was true, as presented by Sky Sports….

  • Murphy has given the ball away more than anyother fulham player all year! Fact, hes decent when people dont stand on him, but if they do hes useless

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