Date: 24th June 2008 at 5:42pm
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Our latest poll focussed on the continuing rumours that suggest that Jimmy Bullard might be sold.

Despite several quotes, from within the club, suggesting otherwise, you get the distinct feeling that, in this case, there may not be smoke without fire.

Therefore we asked you if you thought selling Jimmy would be disastrous with three options – Absolutely, No and Undecided

The general consensus of opinion is that you share our view with a massive 77% suggesting it would be an absolute disaster.

Only 16% suggested it wouldn`t, voting no whilst 7% sat on the fence and selected the undecided option!

In our next poll, we probe into the current state of the Steven Davis situation!


9 Replies to “Fulham – Bullard Leaving?”

  • He will be a huge loss. Your form turned drmatically with the return of Bullard last season.

  • He wont go!! I will bet £100 he won’t leave us this summer! It’s not going to happen! end of!

  • It will be real blow if he left. He’s a very good player and if next season he can stay fit, he’ll a major asset for you.

  • If we’d gone down I presume that Bullard would be a Villa player by now but I don’t think he’ll leave us now. However if his form continues into next year watch out for the vultures at xmas and the following summer!

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