Date: 17th March 2009 at 3:41pm
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I can`t help following the fortunes of those who are still registered as Fulham players but are away on loan.

One such case is Hameur Bouazza.

Earlier this season Bouazza was on loan at Charlton but has swapped a loan period fighting relegation for a loan period chasing promotion with Birmingham City.

Bouazza seems keen to play for the Midlands side and recently scored his first goal for them in the 2-0 win against Doncaster Rovers.

In fact he seems prepared to offer his talents for any position in the Birmingham City front-line when he remarks,

‘I can play everywhere, up front, on the right, on the left, it’s just the manager’s decision’,

‘As long as I am playing I am pleased, it was good.”

‘I’m just trying to get some games under my belt and trying to do well for myself and the team. “

‘Hopefully I can carry on like this and see how it goes for the rest of the season.”

My point being relates to a question about the lads future.

Do you join me in suggesting that Bouazza is unlikely to pull on a Fulham shirt again and that as well as playing for promotion he`s probably playing for his future?


10 Replies to “Fulham – Bouazza – Is He History?”

  • I think he’s finished at CC. I’m sure Sanchez got him mixed up with Ashley Young when he bought him…..That’s the only viable explanation that I can come up with anyway…..

  • i dont think he’ll make it back with us, but with the ways he is performing at brum, we could get a tidy sum for him 😀

  • Yeh, he’s done with Fulham. At best he’d be a Cup player for us. We need some depth, but I’d go in another direction.

  • i agree sam….i think perhaps he is more of a championship player, im not saying he couldnt make the step up, as he has potential, but he seems better suited to the ‘lower’ game.

  • i liked him. he had a lot of pace on the wing and could serve the ball well. i might still be pie eyed from the stunner he scored against man city though.

  • Bouazza was a funny signing. S****z buy who, at the start of the dirty era, was our brightest player and was our creative threat. Then he knackered his shoulder and never came back to anything near what he showed in the first few games. Shame, he looked a decent player.

  • yeah when he first came to the cottage i thought he was alrite aye,,but then he died in the arse,,a sanchez signing,say no more

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