Date: 4th July 2010 at 12:53pm
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Interestingly, with Liverpool supporters seeing the appointment of Roy Hodgson as something of a salvation, the word from the Cottage is that it could be a job too far.

With Liverpool and Hodgson the talk of the Sunday tabloids, one of those aforementioned tabloids carries some very juicy talk about Roy`s credentials to do the job, with the following quotes attributed to a senior player at Craven Cottage,

“I`m not entirely sure this is the right move for Roy.”

“He`s a lovely bloke and I wish him all the success in the world but I suspect he might have taken on more than he can handle going to Liverpool.”

“He loathes confrontation and can`t handle egos and troublesome personalities.”

“He certainly bit off more than he could chew with Jimmy Bullard at Fulham, so can you imagine him dealing with players at Liverpool like Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and Fernando Torres who have enormous power in and out of the dressing room?”

“He can also be rigid and inflexible as well. Certain players hit a bad run of form at Fulham but Roy refused to make changes even though their defensive performances on the field were deteriorating.”

Now who would say such a thing about (Sir) Roy?

Anyone care to hazard a guess?

But it gets better; the paper carries further quotes, attributed to a second player which go on to say,

“Roy likes to surround himself with a certain type of player. Foreign players are less likely to come and smash down the manager`s door complaining about not playing.”

“He doesn`t want troublemakers at the club, he wants players who are happy to sit patiently biding their time waiting to play.”

“If there are problems he will promise you the world, fail to deliver but leave his coaching staff to deal with the fall-out.”

“Personally I think he has made a big mistake going to Liverpool.”

“Steve McClaren is a good example of what can happen when you step out of your comfort zone. Didn`t he lead Middlesbrough to a major European Final.?”

“Look what happened to him when he left and took over England. It`s a big gamble.”

Two dissenters in the old Hodgson camp!

Surely there can`t possibly be a third?

But there is with a senior club source also doubting Roy will be a success in the pressure-cooker that is Liverpool football Club, commenting,

“You can get away with a certain style of football at a club like Fulham but that won`t be tolerated at Liverpool.”

“Perhaps senior figures at Liverpool and the supporters want a more settled team after the way Rafa Benitez rotated the squad.”

“But Roy has a certain way of playing and sticks to it. Perhaps he will adopt a more flexible tactical approach but he showed no sign of doing that at Fulham.”

“He also has to contend wit a very unstable environment, co-owners at each others throats and very demanding supporters who have been starved of success in recent years.”

“At Fulham Roy could manage without pressure but he won`t have the same luxury at Liverpool.”

“And I`m not sure how he will deal with Kenny Dalglish who clearly wanted the job ahead of him.”

Wow! With friends like these at his former club who needs enemies!

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12 Replies to “Fulham – Bitten Off More Than He Can Chew!”

  • I’m quite shocked, yet, it has brought a small grin to my face. It makes losing him seem a little bit less disastrous; assuming it’s true.

  • I detest quotes attributed to the ‘unnamed source’ or ‘senior player’. Completely believable opinions, though. I think Roy can improve their lot, but Liverpool fans will have to be patient. It won’t happen overnight.

  • true….roy is a great european manager but premier top 4 mmmm….big guns out there, is roy too nice?

  • Aren’t all these quotes from unnamed sources simply the journalist’s own musings? I thought it was an old trick in the trade of tabloid journalism to attribute a quote to an ‘unnamed source’ which, in fact, was the journalist himself (or his editor). Roy will be a success if he’s given time and the respect he deserves. We need to worry about who is going to replace him!

  • But I beg to ask, will he get time? A Champions League place is a necessity for Liverpool!

  • Some very interesting stuff on here lads. I thought I would get a Fulham perspective on Roy leaving to join us. The reason he was sought was that he is a safe pair of hands who will stablise the club. He is also a very rare commodity in English football, a manager that is almost totally respected across the country. I don’t think though that he is too nice, and he will have come up against some pretty big egos at Inter etc, and I’m sure he will be given time to get it right. Good luck for the coming season.

  • Everybody has seen what roy has done and wants it repeated at liverpool. It MAY happen. Roy took unknown players released by their former clubs and instilled his way of playing and Fulham allowed him to do this! Most of our squad have been at bigger clubs and coming to fulham was a chance to be a big fish in a small pond. Under roy the likes of schwarzer,konchesky, pantsil, hughes, murphy, johnson, duff, etuhu, zamora, were all given second chances when their clubs did not want them. Dempsey raised his game as did baird. These players dont have big egos and played for each other and roy. When i say nice i dont mean soft…look what roy did to jimmy bulls..t. The ego’s at liverpool will they be able to step back listen and believe in roy, even when its bad. We did at Fulham and on that glorious may day at fratton park, danny delivered because he believed….. 3 goals to one down against juve at the cottage……the call from the hammy end “stand up if you still believe” Bobby, gera and dempsey still believed on that famous european night. If the liverpool players, club and supporters still believe then anything is possible. AFTER WHAT ROY DID FOR US….AS A FULHAM SUPPORTER, I FEEL I WILL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!

  • Finally a MASSIVE thanks to our owner who worked closly with roy and right from the start were singing from the same sheet……Liverpool still remain a club to be sold/brought…Uncertain times makes for a shakey start me thinks….

  • Time will tell – were the leaks made up – no names attribted – Chinese whispers.

  • truth is as they say cant please all the people all the time but lets hope roy can shake up the big three Im sure fergy will be werey
    me thinks

  • i’ll certainly be rooting for liverpool over manc u and chelski… best of luck to him, and i hope he has the time to be successful…

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