Date: 4th June 2009 at 4:44pm
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Standards are changing, perhaps slipping!

Our eyes were opened when Jimmy Bullard slipped out of Craven Cottage during the transfer window, opting to take a few extra grand a week from a side plummeting down the table.

In fact they plummeted down the table so fast only a lack of an additional fixture kept them in the Premier League, a positive point for Scudamore`s much-maligned 39th game perhaps!

Would it have been some sort of poetic justice if Jimmy had of sat by helplessly counting his bucks whilst his new club plunged into the Championship?

Our views on Bullard changed overnight, from hero to villain in the stroke of an over-priced pen.

Talking of villains, step forward Gareth Barry, apparently a man cut from the same cloth as our Jimmy, a midfielder looking at a different picture.

Would it be too much to hope for Barry`s new club to suffer a similar fate as that of the Tigers?

Some might call it poetic justice!


16 Replies to “Fulham – Barry Joins Bullard Club!”

  • Hasn’t Barry been with Villa for like 10 years or something? You could hardly call him disloyal. To be fair, based on potential, Man City have a lot over Villa (who I think are about to suffer a decline in form). Not saying it wasn’t at least partially about the money. Admittedly, if he just wanted Champions League football, he could’ve waited for Liverpool to make an offer, so I’m not saying he’s a saint. Frankly, I don’t hold any ill feelings towards Bullard, really. His move was blatantly about the money, but so what. I was happy to see him go as I didn’t think he was good at anything other than free kicks, anyway. He disrupted the entire flow of the game and we performed much better after he left.

  • Barry also wasn’t sat on the sidelines for half of his time at Villa, while his club put him through surgery and rehab…only then, once fully recovered, to say thank you and goodbye. Bullard’s full of **** and if I was him I’d be ashamed to return to Fulham in an away shirt next year after his behaviour.

  • A bit harsh on Barry as he, as mentioned above, has been with Villa for over a decade. Maybe he just needs a change in the daily routine! Can’t really compare to Bullards short stint with Fulham.

  • If you think that about Barry then you would have to think the same about Schwarzer I think 10years at any club these days is quite an achievement and with the amount of money that city can throw at it during the summer they can challenge the ?big four? where as Villa either don?t have the cash or aren?t willing to spend it. City will just do a chelski and try and buy everyone. I?m surprised they haven?t being linked with Hangeland yet, surely some lazy hack would have thought about that by now

  • I don’t understand the comparisons with Bullard. Barry spent 12 years with Villa and has joined a very ambitious club who want to break the dominance of the Arrogant4. Fulham had a great season 2008-2009 and you played particularly well against manchester City. I think it will be a very different story next season and then perhaps you’ll review tour sentiments Mr Joyce.

  • Hang on, Bullard is 33years old and unlike most in the prem isnt a multi millionaire – he spent most of his career in the lower leagues. Now think about it – he wanted a 2 year contract – Fulham rightly or wrongly only offered him 1 year – then you have a club willing to pay you 160,000 a month for 3 years. And then you have the cheek to slag the guy off. Is not as if it Ashley Cole worth 10m then going to Chelsea fo an extra 5k a week is it. What cwould YOU do. Why did Keegan + Saha join you all those years ago, Van der Sar etc 1 reason. MONEY. Reality check please!! i thought Bullard was great for you lot.

  • Ummm… Bullard will be 31 in October. And, you guys have been hammering Pavlyuchencko for the past month despite him knocking in 14 goals in the league and cups, so spare me your indignation at us criticizing Bullard. I, personally, don’t have a problem with what Bullard did, and frankly, I was glad to be rid of him, but if some folks don’t want to give him a free pass, then so be it.

  • Bullard went for the contract despite us standing by him through his injuries. He is disloyal and we are now in much better shape as we don’t have a prima donna hogging the ball. Barry should have waited for Liverpool to move for him.

  • This expectation of unflinching loyalty is unrealistic. People leave jobs for money all the time. Yeh, we protected our investment, but we also knew that his knee problems would return, which is why we didn’t offer an extended contract. We knew what we were doing and I don’t blame him for going. Leaving for money alone is far from noble, but it’s not evil either.

  • After seeing in the papers today the finanacial mess that liverpool could be in shortly maybe he knew they wouldn’t be making a move for him and that’s why he went to city.

    Do try to get your facts right, Bull***** wanted a four year contract and 50k a week ’cause he sat on the England bench once!!!!, he then slagged us off when he left after we stood by him when he was injured, we spent hundreds of thousands of pounds sending him to the best knee specialist in the world to save his career, as for Saha he didn?t join us for big money he joined us because of Tigana we paid about 3 mill for Saha

  • don’t think it’s fair to compare the two. a decade’s a long time at a club, and maybe he can change his career a bit when he gets to city, ala schwarzer with us… i think shcwarzer knew or believed this is a very capable club with a more than capable manager, and wanted to stamp his name on our history… to me, city’s more capable of challenging for champs league within the next three years, more so than villa, and maybe barry wanted to be a part of that…

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