Date: 12th February 2010 at 6:46pm
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Or do you crave more?

Sat watching recent developments unfold, most notably Portsmouth struggling for survival and Notts County realising that the promises of mega-spending was just another false dawn, I can`t help but admire the way our club goes about its business.

Okay, some of our support may be a little frustrated that we`re not spending millions and pushing for those elusive Champions League spots but is that what they really want. Do they crave instant success over long term stability?

Roy Hodgson is a sophisticated and switched on gentleman and he`s only too aware that managing this football club of ours requires a balancing act whereby the urge to improve has to be matched against being prudent with the books.

Thinking back since Mr Al Fayed took over, we`ve come an extraordinarily long way, we should be sat in our seats thinking ourselves lucky that we watch top flight football, and compete with most, on a regular basis.

If you doubt those words then take a few minutes t reflect on what the consequences might have been if Danny Murphy hadn`t of netted down at Fratton Park on that May day not too long ago.

Therefore, and you make not agree with my stance, but I`m glad Roy Hodgson has come out with something akin to a verbal blast ahead of our FA Cup fixture with one of those two teams I mentioned earlier on, Notts County.

This is what Roy had to say,

‘We were lucky – we had a sugar daddy, a man who was prepared to come in and put money into the club and help us.”

‘But in recent years, certainly while I’ve been here, we’ve tried to run the club sensibly as a business.”

‘We are greatly indebted to Mohamed Al Fayed for all the money he has put in and the support he has given us but occasionally now you see letters from fans saying he should invest more and throw more money in and I can’t believe the ingratitude.”

‘There we were a few years ago just about to go out of the Football League, here we are stable in the Premier League. I’d hate to see this club going the way some clubs have gone recently.’

And with those words, Roy has hit the nail firmly on the head, or are you one of the dissenters, here at Vital Fulham we`d like to know your views on this subject.

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6 Replies to “Fulham – Are You Happy With Your Lot?”

  • I consider myself a balanced and realistic supporter, who tries to find a positive in most things, so I am clearly not the type of fan that Roy’s rant is aimed at.
    In the Burnley programme, I picked up a negative vibe in Danny Murphy’s column, where he mentioned ‘disgruntled fans’ and something that alluded to fans expectations being excessively high.
    As an average fan I find both Roy and Danny’s comments negative and unsettling. Although I would not directly criticise the players, Roy or Al-Fayed, I do feel that, provided it is done respectfully, fans should be allowed a say, whether it be positive or negative.
    I’m certain that all Fulham fans are eternally grateful for Al-Fayed’s continued support, but I don’t think it ungrateful or deserved of chastisement to suggest that he could put more money in. It was Roy who only recently suggested that he would be asking Al-Fayed for money to spend in the summer, so I don’t quite get where his attack is coming from.
    The majority of supporters are fully behind Roy and the team and are grateful for Al-Fayed’s financial support. With this in mind I feel that Roy and the team should ignore the handful of supporters who want blood, or at least choose not to deal with their concerns so publicly- it sends out the wrong message about our beloved club.

  • Perhaps Roy is asking for money just to maintain a status quo and not to seek glory! It is a tough one as everyone wants to win a trophy, especially those who have never tasted glory, but, looking at Portsmouth, they won the FA Cup not long ago and look where they are now! It’s a strange world football and finance!

  • that’s a good point al, would you or i or anyone trade what looks to be another comfortable season of premier league football for a trophy and relegation staring us in the face… and i don’t mean flirting with relegation like we did oh so recently, i mean bottom of the table, looking up and praying for results… i wouldn’t… i think with a more consistent approach, you give yourself more opporunity to accomplish something great, like a cup run or whatever… how can you gather the funds to make a run at the fa cup if you’re not consistently in the premiership windfall year after year? I’d much rather be everton, consistent top 6 team, recently lost in the fa cup final, than be portsmouth, with a trophy in the cabinent that they might have to pawn to drum up money…

  • To begin with, I don’t know to whom Roy is referring. Compared to Spurs or Newcastle fans, Fulham supporters are practically buddhists, and I don’t know a single Fulham supporter that expects that we’ll EVER challenge for CL spots. Be financially conservative, but don’t be cheap. I’d be perfectly happy if we never wasted another £10m transfer fee on the likes of Andy Johnson, but we can’t survive on free transfers either. The month of January should’ve shown everyone just how vulnerable we are talent-wise. We have little depth. Being financially stable and finishing in the middle of the pack is fine, but when you leave such a small margin for error, all it takes is one bad season. Things are great now, but we were almost relegated in back-to-back season before last season. There has to be some give and take. Again, be responsible, but don’t be cheap.

  • Fans seem to forget that it was only a few years ago that our ‘little’ club almost fell away from the football league altogether with atendances in the low thousands. We have had such a major turnaround in the last 10+ years or so. Ive been a season ticket holder for years and realise that we are a small club and are currently punching well above our weight. There are many clubs in the Championship who have a much larger fanbase and therefore more funds to spend. Football is a business these days and unfortunately unless a clueless, attention seeking billionaire wants to splash the cash, we will never consistantly compete for any major honours. Al Fayed has put millions into the club with transfers and mainly the cottage which has seen a vast refurb over time. Lets face it, the man has made a big loss while financially supporting our club and has seen very little reward. I have nothing but praise for the man, who many said would leave us when times got hard. If it was not for him we would still be playing the likes of Brentford ect in the lower divisions (no one wants to see that again), instead of battering United and Liverpool! I believe finishing 17th every season with a nice cup run or two is a major achievement and know that most fans agree. Thank you Mr Al Fayed!!!

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