Date: 21st April 2009 at 4:43pm
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Can anyone remember the start of the season and in particular the months of August and September?

It was a time when the premier League had a few unanswered questions.

Most notably, would we be facing another relegation battle and what the bloody hell were Hull City doing so high up the table?

You`ll rightly recall we were the first opposition Hull City encountered in the premier League and, as was to prove the norm regarding our away form in the next few months, we were to lose.

Hull City and Phil Brown had arrived. The Humberside team made waves, taking some notable scalps along the way and before September had even finished the acclaim for Phil Brown to be awarded the ‘Manager of the Season` accolade were gathering momentum.

Little did we know that, come the turn of the year and the opening of the transfer window that our paths would cross again!

For some inexplicable reason (called money) Jimmy Bullard opted to swap fishing in the River Thames for fishing in the River Humber.

Everybody`s hero suddenly went to zero and not even the occurrence of another serious knee injury could placate the Fulham faithful with regards to the sense of betrayal.

Now as we enter the final two months of the season, April and May, it`s interesting to see that the picture has considerably changed.

Fulham are safe and that heady rise up the table for Hull has seen a downward spiral that could see them dumped back into the Championship.

The acclaim for Phil Brown to be awarded that aforementioned title isn`t even a whisper whilst our former hero contemplates life out of the top flight!

As for ‘Manager of the Season` you`d hope that Roy Hodgson`s name would be somewhere in the frame wouldn`t you!

Just shows how life can change doesn`t it!


11 Replies to “Fulham – A Tale of Two Cities!”

  • Thing’s have a way of settling out over time. I definitely remember that sense of dread I felt after losing 2-1 to Hull to open the season. But then, we beat Arsenal, and we haven’t looked back. Again, things have a way of settling themselves.

  • couldn’t be happier, and the article is completely right… i’m vindictive as hell and want to see hull go down…

  • I agree. We owe them one. Of course, the Bullard sale almost makes up for the two losses. Shrewd dealings there, Phil Brown!

  • I hope they go down as Phil Brown is an arrogant s***. Would be funny to see whether any media pundits will be hailing Bullard in the Championship. We are now a better team, with £5M in our pocket with £25K a week of the wage bill. Thankyou and Goodnight Hull!

  • Haha. Do you reckon when they go down, we should affiliate with them. Send our old rubbish over there every January for a huge fee! I reckon they’ll be up for that!! 😛

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