Date: 25th March 2009 at 4:39pm
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Whilst all around us actively react to the credit crunch by reducing ticket prices, the grapevine suggests that may not be the case at Craven Cottage.

At a recent ‘Fans Forum` those in attendance were (and we hope it wasn`t a double-edged question), how much they`d be willing to pay for their season tickets?

It seems a strange ploy, surely it would have been better to simply come out with a proposed price plan and then see the reactions.

Unfortunately, with such a small ground, we run the risk of demand exceeding supply which, if loyal supporters were to be priced out, would be a crying shame.


3 Replies to “Fulham – A Crying Shame?”

  • i have been priced out of a few games. i hope prices at best, stay the same. as long as they don’t go up. hopefully a reduction is in order!

  • I reckon there will be a small increase but in return if Al Fayed incvests in the transfer market I’ll not argue!

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