Date: 16th April 2009 at 11:28am
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With all the talk of the Europa League at the moment, there is an interesting piece of news seeping through regarding our finances, and what appears to be a poor bit of handling from our very own chairman Mohammed Al Fayed.

As the business year turned to a close a couple of weeks back, Fulham had to publish their profit/loss from that year. Like a majority of clubs, we made a loss. However, it seems it could have been easily avoided, had Mr Al Fayed taken care of his cash.

With the huge influx of money entering Premier League football, mainly due to TV rights, you would have thought clubs would be rolling in it, but it seems that is simply not the case, and because of that, we may be a club on the brink of new ownership.

It appears that Al Fayed has failed to spend his millions wisely this time around, as once the money comes into Fulham, it seems to creep its way back out again, whether that’s into players pockets, or other clubs.

Vinay Bedi, a director at Brewin Dolphin Investment Banking, had this to say.

‘The club has had a huge increase in revenue, almost entirely from television, but a big chunk of that money has been handed back to the players.

‘We were hoping that football clubs like Fulham would use commercial common sense and retain some of those extra earnings to improve their financial position but that hasn’t happened.’

All this appears to have added up to a possible departure for Mr Al Fayed, who has seen the club lose money year on year.

Bedi continued, ‘But there are a number of clubs on the market right now, and not many buyers around, and Fulham really needs a new ground.’

So is Mo on the brink of departure, and would we really want one of the Abramovich’s of the world? And would Europa League football perhaps bring in some much needed cash for us? Opinions please…


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  • This isn’t really ‘new’ news. The club have been on the market for the last 2 years, but we haven’t found a buyer. The issue is that we can’t get planning permission for a new stadium and that has put potential buyers off purchasing us. With a bigger ground and European football, we could be attracting 40k supporters to watch our team each week.

    Someone could make a decent investment in Fulham, but it’s just the stadium issue that’s holding them back.

  • The ‘new’ news I was reporting on was the £7.5 million loss. It is true what you say about Al Fayed, I’m just resurrecting the issue. I sorta want to keep hold of Mo, he has become part of the furniture! 😀

  • In case they don’t publish my comments on the ThisisLondon/Evening Standard/SubStanard/London Sh/ite website I wrote:

    Bedi…you really don’t understand football do you? Fulham need a new ground? I hope you don’t kiss your family with those lips. It is that ground that is worth more than the club, it is the ground that Fulham fans adore for its uniqueness and fought for all of the 1980s and 90s to retain when it was owned by Cabra Estates and RBS. It is the location that the club uses to make it corportate events offering unique and it is the ground that away fans LOVE to visit, even though many dont pick up points of late.

    Southampton, Derby, Leicester amongst others got new grounds and then got relegated and into administration. Fulham had to spend close season to avoid going down and despite selling/offering/loaning out the players of Sanchez’s reign the truth is that no sensible football boss wanted any of that dross.

    Vinay, my friend, you really are a banker!!! Stick to what you are best at…short selling and losing people’s retirement funds.

  • When I originally read the article I was pretty shocked! I was tempted to write practically what you have just put Jules! Apparently, the writer is female! I just put forward my views on Bedi’s comments on the official website. She doesn’t know what she is talking about!

  • We made a profit of 700K only a few years ago so to see us making losses again is dissapointing especially when you consider that Mo said we needed to become self sufficient.

    I wouldn’t want to see an Abramovich style takeover and I dont agree with us needing a new ground, I love Craven Cottage! In a wierd way, I enjoy the fact we are a small, mid table club as it is never dull supporting the club with so many emotions. Bringing in players on ludicrous wages who strut about wouldn’t be correct for our club I think.

  • I also enjoy the humble nature of our club, and I certainly enjoy the mixed emotions!! Some of it can be quite nerve racking though! All part of the fun me thinks!

  • very glad i’ll be visiting in may then… with roy’s help, and a resurrection global economy, maybe we can cut down our losses each year. that would be quite nice indeed!

  • and isn’t it always the way of the show journalist… the headline makes you dive under a desk and cover your head with your hands, but then you get through the article and see that really not too much has changed…

  • My club can crash and burn for all i care but you will never take Craven cottage from me. Mo doesnt want to leave and he wont

  • Haha…interestingly put Woody. I don’t think it’ll be long before Mo jumps ship. Its not that he doesn’t want to go, it’s that he can’t sell us!

  • Fair play to Mo, back in 1997 I knew he was a businessman and would one day want to make a profit from his investment. The truth is…the market is a difficult one to sell in. As for getting a numpty to comment, what would you expect from Evening Standard? Going down the pan. When was the last time you bought one?

  • I guess the journalist from the Evening Standard who broke this lie might be in hiding for a couple of days now!

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