Date: 19th April 2008 at 5:20pm
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After our 2-0 defeat, at the hands of Liverpool, this afternoon and things are starting to look bleak again.

It looks as if we need a miracle now to stay up, however, there are three games left and as we know in football, stranger things have happened.

Inevitably, the book makers will be moving Roy Hodgson to the top of the list as the next Premier manager to lose his job.

Roy is well aware of the pitfalls of being a top-flight manager and has spoken about this remarking,

“I don`t fear the sack.”

“I am fully aware of course that if a team fails, the manager is always at risk of losing his job.”

“But I wouldn`t think I would deserve it and certainly don`t fear it. I came here to do a job and I am trying to do it.”

“I feel I and my staff have been working well and the players have responded to it. If we run out of time and get relegated, it will be up to the club to decide.”

“But I am contracted for the next year so it will be a matter for the club. I personally think I am working hard and doing a good job but other perhaps won`t.”

“I will be here four months by the time the season ends. That is no time at all – I have hardly begun the job but it doesn`t stop people asking question.”

Should Roy be given another season?

Our view, here at Vital Fulham, is that he should.

Anyone got any comments?


12 Replies to “Does Roy Deserve More Time?”

  • besides I’m not sure Al Fayed would want to fund another managerial splurge if sommone else were to come in!

  • should never have got rid of Chris Coleman but you can’t now start chopping and changing every season surely?

  • Agreed, The Fear. You should have kept him, but that’s in the past now. As for Roy, he needs time.

  • Roy needs time and probably some more money. Mo has been excellent for FFC but he mustn’t panic into rash decisions and get rid of Roy now, like he did in the sacking of Coleman and the hiring of S*****z. I reckon Roy + 8 million = Back in the PL within 12 months!

  • I’m really getting tired of people telling me we shouldn’t of sacked Cookie!!! Its simply not true! It was time for him to move on. Maybe we should of let him finish the season but his time was up. The thing we shouldn’t of done was get sanchez! If you look at the five games he was in charge for last season he showed no reason to keep him full time. So in short the board were right to get rid of Cookie but were VERY greedy in going for the cheap option of Sanchez. Rather of had a smaller transfer fund in return for someone who can actually manage a side!

  • I think you should keep him. if you get relegated you have to get right back up. getting a new manager will come with a new plan and therefore new players that need time to build. Hodgson knows the team and has already started planning for the summer. People still keep complainig about sanchez but by sacking hodgson and being in the championship you’ll just get another sanchez.

  • Some very good points there Hotspurs758. I think that pretty much everyone that has watched Fulham fairly regularly this season can see that in the short time Roy has been here our play is a lot better than it was under Sanchez. If Roy was to get the sack it would be the worst decision Fulham has made, up along par with the signing of marlet, being a selling club for so long and even the sacking of Bobby Robson. Let’s stop thinking about what will happen if we went down. It hasn’t happened yet so let?s keep the faith till it?s mathematically impossible to do so!

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