Date: 29th March 2008 at 5:14pm
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Despite scoring twice away from home, a rarity in itself, Fulham moved a step closer to relegation when they failed to earn all three points at Pride Park.

In a match that was billed as,

‘the worst Premier League side in history against the worst Premier League away side in history’

I suppose it was always going to end up with the honours shared.

Unfortunately for Derby, the result (and others elsewhere in the Premier League) saw the East Midlands club relegated to the Championship.

In a way that is possibly an advantage, Paul Jewell always accepted that the club he took over were destined for relegation and now he can plan for the future.

Whereas us, we´re hanging on to our Premier League lives by the thinnest of threads and with six games to go it´s starting to look bleaker and bleaker.

So what about the game itself?

It was entertaining enough and Derby must have thought they were on for a rare Premier League victory when Villa put them ahead in the 10th minute but thankfully fourteen minutes later we were level when Diomansy Kamara equalised.

At half time I hoped we could push on but as has often been the case it wasn´t to be. Despite Leacock giving us a helping hand by putting through his own net we were left to rue the fact that Villa´s brace only entitled us to a share of the spoils and that my friends, at this stage of the season, just isn´t going to be good enough!

Methinks it´s time for a pint, time to drown my sorrows as a season that I thought held so much promise, slips away into one of those in your darkest dreams.


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  • Sorry lads, but this was a must-win for you to have any chance of survival. And the worst thing is, you know it. What a wasted opportunity.

  • If you had won this one maybe you would have stand a chance of survival. But now I don’t believe that you can stay up.

  • I think the other posters are right fellas this was one you had to win and you couldn’t I think it’s a bridge too far for you to survive now, although where there’s life there’s hope.. The Blackburn guys did warn you about Hodgeson – That season in the premiership 2 Relegated teams (almost) 2 … Surely nobody will give him another job after this .. I’m assuming Al Fayed will get shot when you go down won’t he ?

  • Roy is a great coach and I am more than happy to have him next season leading us to promotion!! Its just the fact Sanchez has left him too much to do with too little to do it with!!

  • I’m now sadly convinced that Fulham are down, after failing to get anything at Newcastle we HAD to beat Derby to stand a chance, we didn’t and if you can’t beat Derby either home or away then you’re clearly not good enough for the premierleague. I’m convinced that the club will keep the season tickets at the same level which if they do, will be bloody annoying!

  • yes its possible. specially if we beat roy keanes boys this friday and Brum at the cottage. But the likely hood is the 7pts is just tooo much. We need to win away from home just the once!! Thats all, do that and we have a great chance. I just don’t see where that win will come from. Man City maybe the best chance as they are faultering alot resently but even then I have doubts. Its a sad time for Fulham!!

  • You’ve just had the 2 easiest aways in the division, i don’t think you’ll ever win away again in the top flight.

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