Date: 31st August 2015 at 10:03am
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The 2015-16 summer transfer window closes tomorrow at 6pm on Tuesday September 1.

Instead of the usual 11pm deadline for the closure of the summer transfer window, it was moved to 6pm which for folks like me, means we won’t be up until the early hours of the morning waiting to see which transfers did get through and didn’t get through with all the stipulations and loopholes that seem to exist that allow players to be confirmed and registered what feels like three weeks after the deadline was supposedly shut.

So tonight Sky Sports won’t get as itchy a set of feet as should they still have their roving reporters out at training grounds, at 6pm they are unlikely to have to deal with as many beered up giggly idiots – or the associated marital aides – when humour stoops to levels of swearing on live television.

Ever a silver lining eh!

The deadline was moved to September 1st owing to August 31 being a Bank Holiday and League regulations stipulate that the deadline cannot fall on a non-working day.

Kit Symons will have been buoyed by two wins in the past week, one in the Capital One Cup and our first win in the Championship, but our manager has already hinted he wants to bring in one or two new faces before the transfer window shuts.

Are us Cottagers in for an intriguing transfer deadline day where we could see a couple of new arrivals or will it all just fizzle out?

Your views would be most appreciated.