Date: 9th June 2008 at 5:17pm
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Backslash gave us an almighty shock with the article he e-mailed me relating to the suggestion Jimmy Bullard could be sold!

Thankfully, it appears that some eager journalist at the Sunday People was being all mischievious.

Today, on the official site, Roy Hodgson has issued a statement that will have us all sleeping a little better in our beds tonight, here`s what he said,

‘I was shocked when I was told of what was reported in a Sunday newspaper.’

‘Jimmy`s importance to us after his return to fitness can not be underestimated.”

‘He was integral to our survival and is a very important player for this football club. I can understand that the Fulham fans would be understandably perturbed to read such nonsense, but I can assure them that it is nonsense of the highest order, with no substance whatsoever.”

‘Jimmy Bullard is a key player for Fulham and I hope that he will remain so for many seasons to come.”

‘We are looking forward to making some additions to the squad over the coming weeks which is an exciting time for the Club, and Jimmy Bullard will be playing alongside whoever they may be, wearing a Fulham jersey.’

Well said Roy, well said!


11 Replies to “Bullard is Going Absolutely Nowhere!”

  • Pleased for you guys. Bullard is a legend, not just cos of his footballing ability but his levelheaded approach to the game 🙂

  • You really want to hold onto him. Your fortunes quickly turned once he returned to full fitness at the end of last season.

  • Bit shocking to see that article. Glad to see RH has come out and said its a load of balls!

  • Roy – you’re a motivational legend – you motivated me to get up off the floor with that statement!

  • Shame, would have liked him at West Ham, good player. We should have held on to him when we had him!

  • Nonsence of not just any order the highest….. and with no substance you gota say that’s pretty conclusinve. Roy = my hero

  • I guess that’s put an end to that rumour! Thought it was a load of BS in the first place

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