Date: 6th April 2006 at 12:27am
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Having been sent off on Saturday against Portsmouth, Michael Brown felt more than a little aggrieved. Sean Davis? comments have certainly rubbed salt in to the wound.

Davis? accusations that Brown had deliberately tried to hurt him when he went in for a ?malicious? tackle that looked mistimed on Brown?s part have smeared his Fulham counterpart?s name, but now Brown wants to set the record straight.

Davis had said of him after Portsmouth?s 3-1 win at the Cottage: ?He tried to break my leg. I know because I saw him look at me and I know he tried to do me.?

‘I didn’t want to go down because I didn’t want to show he hurt me but he did catch me quite well on the ankle.?

If that was not serious enough he also sneaked in a snide remark at Brown: ?We?ve won the game, he?s got sent off, so I hold no grudges?, said Davis. But if that?s what you have to do to reduce him, then that?s what happens. He?s only an average player anyway.?

But Brown wants to set the record straight, claiming that it was definitely not deliberate and that he certainly does not have a problem with the player.

?To be accused of deliberately going into a challenge in an attempt to cause damage is absolutely sickening?, Brown responded. ?I?ve never had a problem with Sean Davis but he?s obviously got a problem with me.?

Brown also reiterated his disappointment at being sent off by referee Phil Dowd despite the reckless nature of the challenge.

?I was devastated to be sent off but to then hear I was supposed to have done this deliberately is ridiculous. I am not that type of player,? Brown added adamantly.

?It was a committed challenge on my part. Mistimed I admit, but nothing more sinister than that.?


5 Replies to “Brown hits back at Davis claims”

  • Davis’ claims are unacceptable behaviour. Brown’s challenge was a bad one, but he is a professional and a good professional at that. davis has gone way over the top and for a former Cottager to say stuff like that in the press makes me ashamed.

  • You are still wincing from sucking those grapes Ollie. Give them up, go to re-hab. There is almost certainly a problem between the two players and what happened Saturday confirms that, both ways. Bad tackle, yes and snidey remarks also yes. I think the worst comment Davis made was calling Brown “Only an average player anyway”. He should have been professional enough to bite his lip on that one. We all know that every dog has his day.

  • Davis is an out of order c*nt, Browny is the nuts of a player and there is no malace in him at all. That useless pompey f*cker wants to keep his mouth shut.

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