Date: 28th July 2008 at 7:34pm
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The worst kept secret in football is almost ready to be announced as front page news, well probably back page.

Roy Hodgson`s pursuit of Andrew Johnson, the Everton forward, is almost at an end with Everton releasing the following statement,

‘Everton can confirm that it has agreed an eight-figure sum with Fulham for the services of Andrew Johnson.

‘This is subject to the player agreeing personal terms and negotiating a medical.’

It is believed that the eight figure fee is somewhere between £12 million and £13 million, thereby making Johnson our most expensive player in our history.

For someone who scored 22 goals in 74 appearances for Everton that represents an awful lot of money!


18 Replies to “Andrew Johnson – How Much?”

  • He is a good player and im sure he’ll prove that playin for us but i wouldnt pay that much for him.

  • Eddie Johnson will be behind Andy Johnson, Bobby Zamora and Erik Nevland in the pecking order!

  • he sure was better at Crystal Palace. I am still interested in what AJ can do. Maybe he will suit your club much better than the more forceful Everton. I always liked little speedy guys up front. Sometimes the hit it off real good, sometimes they are just small speedy guys.

  • Andrew Joyce…is that the moniker Putney that finally is unmasked. He was always welcome with our lot some 500m off. Not always because we agreed with him though.

  • Its a lot of money, but credit again to M A-F for putting his hand in his pocket. Its a great transfer and a quality player at the club so no Fulham fan can be disappointed in this. As far as where does it leave Eddie Johnson? From what we’ve seen of him so far, which has frankly been shambolic, it leaves EJ on a flight back to the US!

  • he scored on average 11 goals a season at everton and thats from him playing out wide quite a bit. him + z-man x nevland= real depth and quality! something we have not had for some time. plus i think CeeJ might blossom under roy

  • Andy Johnson + Bobby Zamora. All I can say to you guys is WOW! This could be a good partnership. Hopefully you guys can do better this new season and not fight for relegation like the past 2 seasons. All the best Fulham. P/s: get rid of the yanks. It did us no good either. 🙂

  • Emu. He never played out wide for us. He just had a penchant for running up and down the wings like a headless chicken. Whilst I admire his work ethic, and his pace is undoubtedly an asset (it’s scared the life out of Titus Bramble!!! Mind you, blades of grass scare the life out of Titus), he is not a great goalscorer. He also doesn’t really create many opportunities. He just tends to waste them. In his first season at EFC he stood out cause he was the big man around the team. A role in which he seems to relish. But as soon as he gets any real competition he crumbles a bit. I’ll be honest. I never thought we’d find anyone to pay so much for him but we have. Whilst I wish him well, I can say without any doubt in my mind that this will be a monumentally better deal for Everton than it will for Fulham.

  • Stop panicking about EJ. Each team needs 4 good strikers and that’s what we now have with AJ, EJ, Zamora and Nevland. EJ is still young and needs time to adapt to the premier league. When has a player from the US ever come to the prem and slotted straight in? EJ will need next season to settle down a bit more and then we’ll see the best of him the season after next.

    I believe that Healy will leave us now and we’ll probably be able to get £2m for him, which would be nice.

    Okay, £13m is a lot of money when you compare it to the £10m that Pompey paid for Crouch and a similar amount for Defoe, but we don’t have the attraction that Pompey have. We haven’t finished in the top 8-10 for the last 2-3 years and so need to pay more money to make sure we actaully get players. There’s no way either Crouch or Defoe would have come to us, so as soon as a decent player comes on the market that is keen to play for us, we need to snap him up ASAP before anyone else does. If that means paying a few million more than he’s worth, then so be it. AJ will be a formidable striker to play alongside BZ and our attack will actually look really threatening from all angles for the first time in 5 years. We’ve now got pace, strength, dedication, power, flair, finishing, etc. and i honestly can’t ever remember a Fulham striker partnership that had all of those.

    If we can keep both of the new lads fit then I honestly think that we can reach mid-table. Although, I’d still like us to sign a new centre back to play alongside Hangerland

  • Overpriced indeed, but Johnson will give you a fair number of goals and work hard for the team.

  • I like this Johnson signing much more than the previous Johnson signing which was doomed from the outset. I’d be lying if I said I was happy about the fee. Ouch.

  • fee is biog but hes fast and wil lwork for the ball hes like a awsome paul dickov with him and other forwards at the club bright season ahead id say. Also no one betetr say hes rubbihs or else u can say that about bobby zamora but he scored a screamer on his debut not saying johnson will but hes a fantatic player hoepfully he joins!

  • Emu, do you forget that he only really got 1 full season for us, i personally would have given him to you for free, he’s to inconsistant but thanks for the huge some of money where we can go and get a quality midfielder such as moutinho 😛

  • what a nob above why bother comeing on to siites and making pointless coments remeber we ended any hope of u getting 4th !

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