Date: 29th March 2009 at 11:00am
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It`s amazing how wrong you can be when you first glance at a headline.

There I was simply glancing through the headlines on several news sites and I stumbled across one that implied Fulham had become everybody`s favourite team.

Naturally, although Manchester United have the biggest fan base in the world, I assumed that us beating them 2-0 (fantastic day, we`ll never forget) had delighted the rest of the football support who seriously love seeing Sir Alex Ferguson and his side humbled.

But I was wrong.

The headline came from a few quotes attributed to Andy Johnson, on our official site, and the quotes were more about our style of play and had nothing to do with the Manchester United victory, however much I`d love them to.

So, without rambling on any further here`s what Andy Johnson told the official site,

“I think the style of football that Fulham plays, really suits my game,”

“I`m so pleased with how the gaffer wants us to play – it`s the way the game should be played. When I first joined I just couldn`t believe how well we passed the ball about. “

“And that`s something that I hear all the time now, particularly from players from the opposing teams. It`s great to hear because it`s a massive compliment.’

Great to read but I`ll have to still admit to being a little disappointed that I was wrong in the first place.


7 Replies to “AJ Confuses Me! (But That ‘s Not Hard)”

  • everybody loves fulham!! 😀 and AJ is right, we do play some of the best attractive football for miles!

  • The only ‘style’ that counts is the winning style and right now Fulham is quite attractive. I don’t think anyone would confuse Fulham with Arsenal, though. Our setup has one basic component – tight and compact at the back. The attack is dependent on what the opponent give us.

  • our style is vastly more attractive than when sanchez was at the helm… so even if we defend first and foremost, we still play some nice footy going forward.

  • the contrast in the style of play from Hodgeson to S*****z is immense! I agree Woody, Roy’s passing football is unbelievelably better to watch than long ball. I agree to an extent Sambo in that we arent anywhere near as flamboyant as Arsenal etc but in terms of getting the ball on the deck and short passing and moving we are definately up there with the best of em at the moment

  • Agree with all the above, I’ve been particularly impressed with Murphy’s form since Bullard left, his distribution has vastly improved. We look organised and skillful. To think that not too long ago we had the idiot S*****z in charge…

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