Date: 23rd January 2009 at 3:00pm
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It must be a done deal now!

After all I doubt whether it`d be on the official Hull City web site if there were any problems.

I guess we`ve just got to get used to it, Jimmy Bullard has moved on to pastures anew.

I guess the sum of £5 million is some sort of compensation or is it?

I have this morbid fear we`re entering the sort of phase we entered during the `Chris Coleman` era whereby our best players were sold off and there were no decent replacements coming in.

I guess I`m not the only one having such a dark vision at the moment.

With well over a week to go until the transfer window slams shut, I can see things going one or two ways.

The board could give Roy all the transfer fee received for Jimmy and tell him to buy a decent replacement or Brede Hangeland could be the next one out of the door.

If it`s the latter I fear for our future!

Don`t leave me in suspense guys, spend it on someone young, someone decent and someone who can replace a man we`ll all miss tremendously, Jimmy Bullard.

Goodbye Jimmy and thanks for all the memories and we’ll see you all on March 4th when you return, in a strnage kit, to where you belong!


15 Replies to “Adios Jimmy!”

  • Nor should he! Scum, im sorry but he is. Signed a contract played sod all games for Fulham showed no loyalty typifies footballers i hope him and Hull go down! Really dissapointd in him, hes made a terrible choice of club when Everton would and could have signed him come May. Really really dissapointed in you Jim thought you where different

  • haha he just is a typical footballer, and dont anyone dare tell me hes doing whats best for his family because if he had served us well at fulham Al fayed would have sorted him out no problem like he did Mcbride who got a huge bonus!

  • i think what must have happened is that jimmy say the mortality of his professional career when it almost ended with the knee injury… seems like top priority to him was a long contract, kind of an insurance policy if he got hurt again. i can’t really blame him, as i’m sure that injury was horrendous. i just hope now one or a few players come in, and we don’t see more going out.

  • Jimmy wanted longer on his contract. Sadly, the Fulham board couldnt give that to him. So he did what he wanted and moved on to where he could get a longer contract. He is there till 2013, but if only he could get a contract like that here at Fulham. I think when he gets back to play against us he sould have a standing ovation and get the recognisition he deserves. But what a sad day for us.

  • I’m really disappointed with some of the reaction to this, Scum? are you serious? he’s the same person who left Wigan to come to us was he scum then? That is an overeaction of the worst kind. Please don’t go to CC when returns, we don’t want your kind of childish behaviour besmerching the good name of FULHAM FC.

  • I come from a family of Fulham supporters my grandad played for Fulham and would turn in his grave at this! Dont you dare call me childish, he had an 18 MONTH CONTRACT, what the hell is it there for! he isnt the only one to blame, but he played 39 games for us! 39 thats compared to the 459 that George Cohen played for Fulham. He has done a completely selfish thing, he was offered a 3 year contract my sources at the club tell me, and they where offering a rise! I just dont understand how you can sit here and say well done jim you did great, yes he did but now hes done something that should be outlawed! What is the point in contracts!! I will great Jimmy like any humanbeing would but im still upset at the way he has treated this great football club. I hope you understand Edens i really do

  • It’s a dark day for the club, fingers crossed our season keeps on track and Roy brings in at least 3 new faces

  • Bullard ot what he want .. Fulham may live to regreat this decision .. he was wrth the weekly wage in the morale boost he brings to your team.. Life goes on and Bullard get’s richer..

  • Very disappointed too I have to say. Typical money grabbing footballer. Hodgson has been saying 5 million quid is effectively decent business for a player that is 31 yrs old this year. It won’t be good business if we wind up nosediving down the table like we did after we sold Saha to Man Utd and get relegated…

  • I understand your passion fulham7, but football contracts aint worth a rub of soap are they? That’s not Jim’s fault and at his age and he knows the injury will catch up with him as he gets older he had to secure his future. I too have been a big critic of football contracts and until football as a whole sorts it’s self out with regards to money then this will be the norm. There aren’t any players around now that will stay with one club like Cohen or Haynes did. It’s not the end of the world for him to leave and we have to move on now. COYW!

  • Im not annoyed at loosing him because hes not had a great season in comparison to last it just hurts that he isnt faithful, i feel as a fan paying for tickets that i have payed some of his wages as have u, so i think id like to see some more time at a club atleast till the summer ! Why now?! doesnt make any sense, suppose he knows might be the last chance he will get

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