“A bit too early”: Scott Parker does his best to reassure fans regarding key man’s status


Now I’m not one for major conspiracy theories.

I do think we landed on the moon, I don’t think there was anything more behind the John F Kennedy assassination, nor do I think that the Pyramids of Giza were built by aliens. So those are the major ones out of the way. But for some reason, I do think there is something more sinister at play when it comes to the future of Fulham’s Aleksandar Mitrovic, especially when it comes to his recent absences from the starting eleven.

However, speaking ahead of the game against Liverpool, Fulham boss Scott Parker was clear to point out that his most recent absence, out of the team entirely rather than just on the bench, was down to a knock he picked up in training:

Will we sell Mitrovic in January?



Now I want to make it clear, I’m not directly accusing anyone of anything, but I do think it’s just a little convenient the way things have played out. Given his lack of form, and the fact we’ve been playing so well without him and Parker relegating him to a ‘rotation/another option to have role’, I do think there is potential for us to sell him off this winter.

Rather than having him as a ‘Plan B’, I think we could be going down the road of just bringing in more people that will make ‘Plan A’ work and having players similar to Ivan Cavaleiro and Ademola Lookman to lead the line. And I think this latest one could simply be a way to keep him healthy ahead of the transfer window.

I could be completely wrong, and to be honest I hope I’m wrong because I think he still has a role to play this season, but the evidence is starting to slowly stack up that we don’t really need him. You can even bring last year into account when we had a decent record without him in the team.

What about you? Do you think Mitrovic will be with us beyond the end of the January transfer window?

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